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Generator Rex: Agent of Providence

Platform: 3DS, Wii, PS3, X360, NDS, PC
Genveje: Trailers
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Generator Rex: Agent of Providence (Nordic)
  • Platform NDS
  • Version Nordic
  • Levering Fri fragt
  • Lagerstatus På lager
  • Butik
79,- DKK leveringstid: ukendt Læg i kurv » mere info »
The fate of the world rests in the hands of ONE super-powered teenager. Become Rex and mutate into 9 different builds like Slam Cannon, Rex Ride and Boogie Pack! * Accept Agent Six's missions, fight with Bobo Haha and uncover collectibles for Doctor Holiday! * Explore 11 different environments and hidden areas to evolve your powers! * Fight through the depths of the jungle, the scorching deserts and the heart of metropolitan cities!

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