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Brendan McNamara: L.A. Noire var for stort

Skrevet af , d. 4. januar 2012, kl. 12:26

Team Bondis stifter Brendan McNamara er ikke bleg for at indrømme, at L.A. Noire muligvis var et lidt for ambitiøst projekt.

“It’s a huge game – probably too big. The map’s massive, and so that’s probably my fault,” sagde McNamara til OPM.

“We had to build a new process to do that. We were a brand-new studio – we had brand-new tools, new technology. We have tools that allow you to build cities now, but we had to build that kind of stuff and make it work.

“Everything from the road network, where all the trolley cars go, all the cables connecting automatically to all of the buildings. The tech was pretty extensive, including MotionScan.”

Disse udfordringer var også en stor del af, hvorfor spillet var under udvikling i hele syv år.

“I’d say the first year and a half – [maybe] even longer – was just research,” tilføjede McNamara.

“Newspaper research, guys going over to LA and doing research on the buildings, taking photos, getting all the resources together… We were quite a small studio – 16 people or something – and we had to have all this material so we could start building stuff.”

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L.A. Noire
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